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First Year Footsteps photography sessions

Do you have a new baby on the way? Congratulations! Silvergum Photography’s “First Year Footsteps” portrait sessions provide the perfect opportunity to capture your baby’s precious first year. Your baby will achieve so much all in […]


Colours of Autumn 2017

Would you like to update your family photos and brighten up your home with some portraits this autumn? Once this warm Melbourne weather cools down we will enter a spectacular time of year for photography. Colours of Autumn portrait […]


Portrait sessions at home

Silvergum Photography portrait sessions often take place in outdoors locations such as parks or the beach. This is ideal for capturing your children at play exploring the world. Lovely green parks or colourful leafy location in autumn […]


The 2017 calendar is now available

It’s that time of year again … Christmas and the new year are fast approaching. I have been a bit slack in getting a calendar prepared for 2017 as the year has just disappeared, but […]


A-Prospecting We Will Go

At 2 and 4, Henry and Archie take their gold prospecting very seriously. And why wouldn’t you, when you have your own family bush block to explore, complete with grass trees and a gold mine. […]


Autumn 2016 portrait round up!

Autumn 2016 was a bright one! Some leaves started changing colour in early March while others held on to their greenery well into July. I visited a park for a portrait session just last weekend and […]