Amaya’s autumn portrait session

In late May I met up with my friend Fiona from Easy Breezy Parties and her daughter Amaya for an autumn portrait session at a local park. Amaya is such an active young lady with so much energy! Amaya also has autism and is happiest when exploring, singing, chatting and keeping herself busy.

Amaya’s portrait session involved a very relaxed, go-with-the-flow approach. Too much direction would have resulted in an unhappy Amaya and a very short session but too little direction would have not maximised the location and the most ideal spots for photos.

Initially we stood back as Amaya explored, getting a feel for what she was interested in and how we could build on that to capture some natural photos.


Despite getting over a cold it was clear Amaya had a lot of energy that morning so we incorporated some games to give her a focus in a way we knew she would enjoy. Autumn leaves made the perfect natural playground and Fiona singing the Winky Wonky Donkey song kept Amaya, I and possibly a nearby family very entertained!


We found a shady green spot nearby ideal for a seated portrait. Amaya doesn’t enjoy staying in the one place for long so we encouraged her to sit down with a sandwich. Having a reason to sit gave her focus and while she was eating we engaged her in some more singing and chatting. Soon she had finished her sandwich and was running around the bench returning to her seat after each lap. This created an enjoyable game for her and perfect opportunities for the photo I had in mind. The third photo is my favourite from the day. What a cheerful face!


We finished up the session with photos of Amaya and Fiona. Tickles and cuddles were called for!


Just as every family is individual, so is every portrait session. I can tailor a portrait session to capture the uniqueness of your children preserving memories of their childhood forever.


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