Portrait sessions at home

Silvergum Photography portrait sessions often take place in outdoors locations such as parks or the beach. This is ideal for capturing your children at play exploring the world. Lovely green parks or colourful leafy location in autumn are a glorious backdrop for your photos, while beaches add an extra element of fun and adventure. Photographic opportunities are everywhere as children are engrossed in nature and their experiences.

However there is an another option that can sometimes tell an even richer story of your unique family. Have you considered a portrait session at home?

Portrait sessions at home preserve memories of childhood in the place your children grew up surrounded by things they love.


Portrait sessions in your own home are a great alternative to an on location session if you prefer less structured and child lead photos. Your children can show me their room, their favourite toys and everything at home that is important to them. While photographing them in action, opportunities arise for conversations, demonstrations of how their special treasures work and ultimately distractions from the camera. The results are engaging, natural portraits.


Portrait sessions in your home are particularly beneficial if your child feels anxious or is more comfortable being photographed in a familiar environment. When sitting on the couch or front porch having a chat with mum and dad or playing in the garden, children become less aware of the camera. This familiarity ensures they enjoy the experience without feeling out of their comfort zone.



What activities do your children like doing at home? Baking? Most likely eating whatever is baked. Get out those ingredients! Bake some cupcakes or pancakes and get the children involved. The messier the better! Those expressions of concentration and excitement are guaranteed.

home-03Your home is filled with family mementos. Photos on the wall in the background feature Sienna’s older sister taken at the same age as Sienna was here. Knowing that makes this photo that much more meaningful for Sienna’s family and tying her sister into this special moment.


Your child’s home forever holds special memories and experiences. It will be a place they reflect on and share stories about with their own children many years from now. It’s so easy to forget the smaller details of your childhood home and those everyday experiences that mean so much at that time.

Why not capture them so your child’s special memories are preserved forever.


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