Introducing Gallery Albums

Gallery albums are new to Silvergum Photography’s product range. These albums are an alternative to the magazine style layouts with each photo displayed behind a surrounding matted window. The mats have a lovely texture to them and a creamy colour, complementing both colour and black and white photos.

Gallery albums come with two types of covers to choose from. You can display your favourite photo (as pictured below) on a silk or canvas cover with or without customised text and details.

Alternatively you can choose a linen cover available in a wide range of material colours. You can also have any details you like embossed on the cover of linen albums in silver or blind embossing. When is comes to covers you can be as detailed or minimalist as you desire!

Gallery albums have a minimum of 5 pages (10 sides) and there are options for including multiple photos for page.

They are now available as a portrait session product or as an upgrade option in party and christening packages.

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