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A-Prospecting We Will Go

At 2 and 4, Henry and Archie take their gold prospecting very seriously. And why wouldn’t you, when you have your own family bush block to explore, complete with grass trees and a gold mine. […]


Amaya’s autumn portrait session

In late May I met up with my friend Fiona from Easy Breezy Parties and her daughter Amaya for an autumn portrait session at a local park. Amaya is such an active young lady with so much energy! Amaya also […]


Autumn portrait sessions 2016

Autumn has arrived and the colours are on their way. I’ve noticed a few early starters already beginning their colourful display and dropping their leaves. With the weather in Melbourne (possibly!) starting to cool down, […]


5 Winter Photography Tips

It may be cold and dreary outside but winter can provide some excellent opportunities for photography ….in ways that summer can’t. People often consider winter a bad time for photography. It can be grey, cold, […]